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Prairie Public Station ID
Prairie Public Broadcasting - 1998
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Prairie Public had developed a new company logo which they wanted to introduce as part of their hourly television station ID tags.  LEVEL 5 worked closely with Prairie Public's in-house artists to develop the subtle transformation of the new logo suggested by the interplay of two elliptical disks.

WDAY News Open
WDAY TV - 1997
WDAY needed seperate 3-D elements as foreground and background material to be composited into an open for their new 5 PM news cast.  The components were also used at 6 and 10 PM.

Grand New Greater Grand Forks Logo
Simmons Advertising - 1997
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As part of a publicity campaign to help rebuild Grand Forks, North Dakota after the terrible flood of 1997, LEVEL 5 was asked to reverse engineer the campaign's logo.

First News Open
WDAY TV - 1996

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WDAY was launching its morning news program and asked LEVEL 5 to create a short animated open.  View wday_fn.avi (1.4Mb).

El Dorado Realty Web Site
El Dorado Realty - 1998
El Dorado Realty needed a clean, bright web site to help announce its new business as well as to show sample floorplans and maps to help buyers find locations.

Atomic Coffee Logo  Click above for video (0.7 MB)
Atomic Coffee - 1996
As a quick exercise, LEVEL 5 produced the main elements of this logo in one hour.

Bob Babich Show & Basketball Logo
WDAY TV - 1997
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WDAY was launching a show for new NDSU Bison Football Coach Bob Babich.  LEVEL 5 provided an animated football logo as well as a basketball still to tie together their Bison coverage with a consistent look.

Microsoft/Great Plains Comdex Show
Microsoft/Great Plains Software - 1996
LEVEL 5 provided a large animated GIF file which conveyed the company's basic message at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas.  The 800x600 GIF file was played at 5 frames/sec and projected onto a screen to attract visitor's attention.  View a smaller version, GPlains1.gif (100k).  We also created several other short animations, including a pocketwatch whose hand flies off to help create a chart.  View GPtime.gif (176k).

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