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In-house project - 1995
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This animation was a test of a skeletal animation system.  In the long version of this animation the cow, after becoming aware of its own tail, begins to rotate it faster while flapping its ears and thus achieves flight.  Music by Daniel Johnson / Morton Zoe - used by permission.

Musical Notes
The Jam Masters - 1995
This is a preview of a TV commercial we created for a DJ. It features characters shaped like musical notes being pumped out of a loudspeaker. Each character represents a certain type of music which the DJ has in his collection -- in this example hip-hop and grunge.  Music by Daniel Johnson / Morton Zoe - used by permission.

Oxy-Lite Fake Ad
In-house project - 2002
A funny fake ad for a diet product.  Created with Amanda Scherzer.

Rhythmic Penguins - "Keep Me Warm"
In-house project - 2004
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From the Rhythmic Pengiuns final show at Kirby's in Moorhead, MN.  Surprising sound quality from a mini-DV camera.  DVD to be released soon!  Music by Daniel Johnson - used by permission.

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