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Independent Project - 1997-1998

Currently on hold, StudioCity is a collaborative group project among animators and architects from all over the world.  With the help of sponsors like Kinetix/Discreet/Autodesk, 4DVision, Omnicomp Graphics, and Sisyphus, over $20,000 in prizes have been awarded in the monthly design contests.  Paul Sanford of LEVEL 5 is the Project Coordinator.

Canyon Rider

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Independent Production - 1996-1997
LEVEL 5 produced a three and one-half minute video called "Canyon Rider" for the M-4 Motion Theater.  All aspects of the production were handled by LEVEL 5, including: conceptualization; storyboarding; scripting; animation modeling, texturing, and rendering; video editing; music recording and editing; voice talent; sound effects; and compositing of all elements.

The vast majority of M-4 operators and customers consider Canyon Rider to be the best of the six videos available.  Even though the graphics ceased to be state-of-the-art years ago, the thrill of six 360 degree barrel rolls still holds.  Canyon Rider can still be experienced at many places around the USA and the world...  Search "Canyon Rider" and "M-4" on Google for a location near you!

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