The Jenerator

Skanking History:  2008 (Skankette)
Strengths:  Skanky, shyness lulls enemies into false sense of security, hates Ray's team.
Weaknesses:  Will not get naked for tourney.

When did I first get the calling?
Despite exhibiting signs of Skankiness at a young age, I suppressed my true Skanky nature, fearing ridicule and unbridled jealousy from my decidedly un-Skanky friends and relatives. It wasn’t until meeting The Paulinator, and witnessing the Glory that is The Skanky Wankers, that I threw caution to the wind and embraced my inner Skank.

Who were my earliest influences?
Penny Lane. Her natural Skankiness, as evidenced by her signature “Smoke ‘N’ Swing” move, is an inspiration to aspiring Skanks the world over.

What message do I have for kids who are thinking of picking up the Skanky lifestyle...
For all the young girls out there who are struggling with their Inner Skank, I say this:  I know you’re afraid. Your friends don’t understand you. Your parents have lost hope. Even your dog has stopped speaking to you. None of this matters! You are Skanky! Accept it! Embrace it!! LIVE IT!!!

The best thing about being a Skanky Wanker is...
Helping The Paulinator polish his “trophy.”

The worst thing about being a Skanky Wanker is...
Getting that damn smell out of my clothes.

My favorite memory of the tourney is...
Let’s just say I particularly enjoyed the partial nudity on Hole 5.  Hubba hubba.

The thing I wish I could do over is...
the pre-Tournament “audition.”   I had it in the bag, then choked on the dismount.      …what do you mean I was the only one who had to audition?

Next year I will...
relinquish my duties as Skankette/Team Photographer and become an official Skanky Wanker. My Mother will be so proud!!!

Next year the team should...

finally give in to the relentless requests and golf in our underwear.

Team theme song -

a) Ask The Lonely – Journey
b) Same Old Song and Dance - Aerosmith

Team smell - 
Is that Paprika?

Team mascot - 
Crabs? Oh, wait, that’s the answer to the next question…

Team STD -
I’m not sure. Can anybody identify this rash?

If I was to sandbag one team member in hopes of bringing in a ringer, it would be...
Before I answer this question I’m going to need someone to define “sandbag” and “ringer.”  Never let it be said that I don’t learn from my mistakes.