Penny Lane

Skanking History:  2007 (Skankette), 2008
  Black Betty by Ramjam
  "It's in the hole!"  (Carl dreams of winning The Masters.)
Strengths:  Skanky, devious, questionable scorekeeping.
Weaknesses:  Hangs out with older men.

When did I first get the calling?
I’m still waiting my calling

Who were my earliest influences?
Paulinator - who said they needed a supporter

What message do I have for kids who are thinking of picking up the Skanky lifestyle...
Follow no rules

The best thing about being a Skanky Wanker is...
The unacceptable behavior on the golf course

The worst thing about being a Skanky Wanker is...
There is nothing bad

My favorite memory of the tourney is...
Again watching The Paulinator drop his pants on hole 5

The thing I wish I could do over is...
Drive the ball forward instead of almost backward

Next year I will...
Learn how to play golf

Next year the team should...

Have killer tunes

<>Team theme song -
Black Betty by Ramjam

Team smell -
Paulinator ripping ass

Team mascot - 

Team STD -
Of course the gift that keeps on giving, Genital Herpes!!  Remember kids - wear a condom

If I was to sandbag one team member in hopes of bringing in a ringer, it would be...
All of the manly men I played with