The Duke

Skanking History:  2006
Strengths:  Skanky, willing to look silly, converted The Duchess to heterosexuality.
Weaknesses:  Unwilling to lug the trophy for nine holes in 96 degree heat.

When did I first get the calling?
Last year

Who were my earliest influences?
The Duchess

What message do I have for kids who are thinking of picking up the Skanky lifestyle...
Try it, you’ll like it!

The best thing about being a Skanky Wanker is...
Being part of such an elite group of pro athletes is just an honor!

The worst thing about being a Skanky Wanker is...
Hanging out with a bunch of Wankers!

My favorite memory of the tourney is...
This isn’t a memory, but seeing some footage of my husband teeing off without his clothes!

The thing I wish I could do over is...

Next year I will...
Try not to hate golf

Next year the team should...

Take some golf lessons
<>Team theme song -
Lovin’ every minute of it

Team smell - 
Eu De Swalls (Sweaty Balls)

Team mascot - 

Team STD -

If I was to sandbag one team member in hopes of bringing in a ringer, it would be...